Where are my digits ?

Where are my digits ?

Hello, today, we gonna discuss the count digit problem. Let’s start.

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What is the count digit problem?

🤔I think we don’t need to explain so much math stuff, I will just show you some examples and you will be able to understand some patterns.


Little Quiz

C: 3

But, you told me, I know how to count, but how to explain it to my computer?

Problem Statement

Given a number N, the task is to return the count of digits in this number.

The main idea is to remove digits one by one and take a count

How to remove the digits?

If you’d like to remove a digit, you should divide our number by 10. For example: If we divide 255 by 10 it gives us 25. We will remove the last digit.

How long do we remove digits?

Let’s divide our number 255 by 10 till some point.

  • 255 divided by 10, which gives us 25.

  • 25 divided by 10, the result is 2.

  • 2 divided by 10, gives us 0.

Does it have a sense divide 0 by 10?

And our 0 is some point when we should stop to divide our number by 10.

Take a pause and try it

Please have a little break and did it:

Explaining of Code

Let's take number = 123:

  • In the first iteration, we divide 123 by 10, which gives us 12

  • In the second iteration, we divide 12 by 10, resulting in 1.

  • In the third iteration, we divide 1 by 10, which gives 0.

Our time complexity will be Theta(d) - where d is the number of digits in the number.


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